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Question: In order to book DJ Rodney Martin what paperwork is needed?

Answer: A signed contract (booking package) & an earnest money deposit for half of the total price of the event.


Question: When is the balance due to be paid to DJ Rodney Martin?

Answer: Same day, upon completion of the event or as agreed upon in our signed service contract.


Question: Does DJ Rodney Martin accept Paypal, Visa, MasterCard, or American Express?

Answer: No, checks, cash & ACH funds transfers.


Question: Why does DJ Rodney Martin utilize a 10-day deadline to process the service contract (booking package)?

Answer: This window of time allows a client to tentatively reserve a date from another potential client.


Question: Can I loose my tentatively booked date DURING this 10-day period?

Answer: No! On the 11th day possibly & almost definayely on the 14th day if no aditional agreement of extension has been granted by DJ Rodney Martin.


Question: What happens if the 10-day deadline is missed?

Answer: I may contact you via fax, phone and or e-mail asking for a status update. On a limited basis I may allow a few additional days for processing. This is totally at the discretion of DJ Rodney Martin!


Question: What happens contract & deposit wise if we would like to book an event that’s less than 10-days prior to the performance date?

Answer: Call my office and speak directly with me. If available, I will do everything possible to work with you on such short notice.


Question: Is it necessary to provide a playlist of songs?

Answer: No, but each and every event is different un-into itself. When you provide a playlist it allows you to customize the types of songs played at your function. I highly suggest providing a playlist!


Question: What time will DJ Rodney Martin arrive to start setting up for the event?

Answer: I typically arrive 1 to 1.5 hours prior to the event. Hotels, convention centers, restaurants, boats & halls traditionally require 1.5 to 2.5 hours of setup time.


Question: Can DJ Rodney Martin play songs off of my CD, cellular phone or MP3 player?

Answer: No, my system isn’t setup to accommodate your external source(s). If you have something special to be played you MUST upload it to me in a digital form no later than 72 hours (3 days) prior to the event.


Question: Will DJ Rodney Martin come and do a free audition to entertain for our future event(s)?

Answer: No, I have more than my share of business that I don’t need to do freebies!


Question: Why does DJ Rodney Martin charge an additional 25% fee for last minute bookings?

Answer: Last minute bookings (10 days or less from event) are substantially harder to prepare and perform for. Therefore, I charge more.



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