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DJ Training Course

DJ Training Course $360.00

Six (6) two (2) hour sessions including:



*Hands on One-On-One training


*Preparing your music (cue points, loops)


*Beat mixing (smoothly transitioning from one song to the next WITHOUT using the Sync button)


*Use of effects (promotional drops, effects, sound snippets, etc.)


*Record your practice sessions to analyze your progress


* Preparing for your performances (what professional DJs start doing 7-10 days prior to EACH performance)


*Live performances (I MAY allow you to perform at one of my events)


*Create up to two (2) personalized promotional drops


*Editing your music (profanity removal)


*Re-mixing (creating remix versions, extending intros & outros)


*Do’s & don’t for the professional DJ


*Prospecting for your 1st & 1,000th performance


*How & where to get high quality FREE music without STEALING it!


*Several software programs that are a MUST for Professional DJs & how to use them


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