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Booking Procedures

Call, e-mail or fax me  the information pertaining to your event (date, time, location, etc.). I will then generate a price quotation, and e-mail and or fax it to you.


Upon receiving your price quotation, and after you have decided to hire my services, you must call me to inform me of your decision. At this point I will re-check your date for availability.


If your date is still available, I will TENTATIVELY place your event on my events calendar, and process your booking package (contract), and fax and or e-mail it to you. At this point you have 10 calendar days to process your booking package, and return it along with a deposit. If for some reason you can't process your booking package within 10 days, please call me and let me know immediately!


Once I receive your complete booking package I will fax and or e-mail you a complete copy with my signature, and your event will be OFFICIALLY placed on my main events calendar.


Special Notes:


Please keep in mind that my services are in great demand, and I MUST use deadlines during the booking process. If you do not promptly & properly process your booking package it’s a very real possibility that your date will be relinquished immediately after your deadline has passed!




PLEASE DO NOT RETURN YOUR SIGNED CONTRACT AHEAD OF YOUR DEPOSIT, mail it along with your deposit! Your booking is not complete without a deposit!



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